The Wisdom of Yids

Here are some phrases I’ve heard repeated over the years in my largely Eastern European Jewish family:

People likes me.”  This old malapropistic quote is from a distant aunt, who apparently was a likable person.

No cousins.”  This, from my grandmother, in reference to the early dating scene.

Okay, boys, let’s go.”  One of my mother’s cousins, waiting in his car at a stop light in Manhattan.  (“Boys” is pronounced like “boy-us”.  Work that accent!)

Smell your share, and leave the rest for someone else.”  My grandmother was an early purveyor of Bathroom Etiquette.  (I am descended from altruists.)

After a BM, one certainly does have a clear head.”  That’s the British translation; it sounds much funnier in Yiddish.

kosher comedy

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