Merry Christmas 2012

I’d like to wish all who celebrate Christmas, or all who’d like to accept a wish about a Merry Christmas, a “Merry Christmas, and to all, a good night.”  And a happy new year.  We all need more happiness.

To help send my wish along, I’d like to share with you a one minute, nineteen second (that’s right, just 1:19!) video of my 83-year old mom playing Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod version) on her Hamlin & Mason grand piano on Christmas Eve, 2012.  My mom is a tremendously accomplished and talented musician, singer and educator.  My dad (who died in December 1977) gave her the piano instead of an engagement ring.  They would have been married 54 years on Christmas day.  (Hey, they were Jews in the city!  Who knew from Christmas!  They easily booked a swanky mid-town restaurant for their modest affair.)

Please enjoy the video and share it if you like it.

Peace on Earth, good will toward HUMANS.

About Joanna Rapoza

I've gone to (100's of) pieces here in my blogs. Read, enjoy, laugh, cure insomnia; it's your choice.
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1 Response to Merry Christmas 2012

  1. Carol Patterson says:

    Hi Joanna,

    I love hearing your mom play the piano. She’s very good. I never heard that version of Ave` Maria. She looks good too!! I sure miss my piano playing days.

    Just to let you know what’s going on with us — my husband Don took an early retirement package from the State a year ago last June. He didn’t really want to retire but was forced into it or else he would have lost much of his retrement pension and medical benifits. We’re about ready to put our house on the market and move to Florida. My Dad passed away a year ago last November. He was 90, but it was so hard losing him. There’s really no good age or right time as I’m sure you know..

    Don has been unemployed ever since. We’ve decided to packup and move to Florida. We’re looking at the South West regions like Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, etc. We are looking forward to starting a new life in a warmer area.

    How’s everything going with you and your family? Is Cam still playing Hockey? Alexy no longer is. He’ll be trying our for basketball at his new school next week. He’s going to the same school as Lindsay, right now located in Windsor but the School will be moving to a brand New state-of-the-art facility in 2014 to New Britain. They both attend M.P.T.P.A. at C.R.E.C. which stands for Mediccal Professions and Teacher Preparation Acadamy. Alexy’s in 6th grade and Lindsay’s in 9th. They are both doing well there. Lindsay is involved in the Cambridge University Program (from London) and is studying for next week’s closed book exam. If she passes, which I’m sure she will she can transfer the course into her college for credits.

    Hope all is well with you. I see you’ve been very busy with your stand up comedy shows. Keep up the good work and maybe we’ll be watching you live on television one day. You never know!?!

    Wishing you and your entire family a Happy and Healthy New Year….Peace, Love, and Joy to all. Lord knows we need a lot more to laugh about in this world…

    Your longtime friend,

    Carol (Sieminski) Patterson~

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