Personal Propaganda

The right mixture of talent and trauma finally propelled Joanna Rapoza onto the stage to perform stand-up comedy in her surprisingly child-like middle-age.  Though she mostly wishes she could just sit around all day and write in her blog (which hasn’t yet gone viral so much as antibacterial), Joanna now repeatedly finds herself performing in New York City and Connecticut, in clubs such as Caroline’s on BroadwayStand Up New York, the New York Comedy Club, and the Hartford Funny Bone.  She also performs in benefits and showcases presented by non-profit organizations, such as Crayons for Cancer and youth hockey.

Never mind that Joanna’s actually in a fugue state and has a penchant for wearing skinny jeans with a Depends thong; this cougar is one funny cat.  Sometimes she even gets in touch with her inner granny by donning a white wig and doing stand-up as a cool old crone named Grace Whitestone.  No matter how she’s dressed, though, audiences love the smart and ribald humor of Joanna Rapoza, both on the stage and on the page.  Check out her original blog, “RangeleyMoose Droppings”, as well as her new fiction blog, MySpew, for entertaining prose and performance dates.  (Also, for the porn.)

I just came here to buy socks.

I just came here to buy socks.

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