Tuesday Night Musings Dump

victorian etiquetteI Get Etiquette

Manners perpetuate the idea that you cease being an animal when you stop acting like one.

I’m gonna cling to that.  It’s the only hope for the human race.


Things Grace Whitestone Would Say

  • “Riding my bike in the noon-time heat, I thought, “What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.  Then it will kill me.”
  • “I thought I was getting a new dimple on my face, but it was just an inverted wrinkle.”
  • “If you get into bed with a pen and paper, you just might be a writer.”
  • “My laptop is not a morning person.”
  • “I’ve learned to try to be good and kind to every living creature, including myself, every living day of my life.  That makes up for all the nights of debauchery.”
This lifestyle is killing my back.

This lifestyle is killing my back.


The American Way:  Have you ever found yourself looking back at a long day stuck in the house, wondering what the hell you got done?  This must be how they frequently feel in Congress.


Comedy is like bull-fighting.  Theoretically, it should be simple – compared to the bull, you’re a smart human with a weapon, but often, it can be tricky.  You go into the ring, use all your wiles to try to make things go your way, and hope that nature doesn’t decide to throw you any curve balls.  You make the audience happy even as you slay, if you slay.  And ultimately it’s all about being master of the bull.


Scandinavian Solemnity:  I bet in Sweden they’re so serious, you’d never find a seal anywhere bouncing a ball on his nose.

solemn seal


Fried Piper:  Ever have one of those experiences where you’re listening to a group perform a song live, and there’s a didgeridoo player, and it starts off cool, but about halfway through the song, you really want to walk over to the didgeridoo player and say, “That’s enough”?

There should be a rule where you can't play didgeridoo with rubber soles.

There should be a rule where you can’t play didgeridoo with rubber soles on.

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