Whoops I just published again

George W. Bush currently has paintings on display.  There’s one of Vladimir Putin.  I’m glad he didn’t do him naked.

Idea for future project: paint nude series of world leaders

next project: world leaders shirtless series


If you’ve got an extra large penis, you should donate a portion to Cocks of Love.


Child looking up at group of adults:  “I wonder which one is the fun one.  I wonder which one will give me liquor.”


“Biochemical, The Musical” – this could be a tuneful version of menopause.  Ethel Merman would have been perfect.

I know exactly how she feels.

I know exactly how she feels.


Is it a bad omen at a beach wedding if there’s a tsunami?


Jewish Existentialism:  all is meaningless, but I brought a sandwich just in case.


Mature statement on my part to my 14 year old son after driving him to and from an ice skating date with his girlfriend:  “cuando dicko?”


I won’t mind being reincarnated again.  I’ll know what they’re wearing ahead of the season.


I was called Cracker by a Latina, and I liked it.

latin crackers

She made it sound so nice.




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