Crystals in the Dirt

I will prognosticate, but not in public.


My super-sonic toothbrush is so powerful that it gets below my gum-line, and also felled one of the neighbor’s saplings.


Car behind me the other day didn’t have a bra so much as a bib.


420 Honey: this has to be a good name for something.


First do no harm.  Then do some love.


I love the hand of God, especially when it’s not jerking me around.


If the sitcom Just Shoot Me were coming out now, it might have a different vibe.


If I don’t take care of number one, I feel like number two.


“Time machine be fucking me up all the way back to last Tuesday” ~ scientist trying to talk all ghetto


I was at a Thai restaurant where they had on their menu something called “mock duck”.  I have enough trouble with real duck.


I had a falling out with my therapist a year ago and never resumed.  Best thing that ever happened to me in therapy.


I tried a new joke on my son.  Silence.  Then, laughter.  I said, “What was funny?”  He answered, “How I didn’t laugh.”  Win/Win.

Jo and Cam at dentist 5.2.14 - Copy

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