Pie Anxiety

Long ago, I was afraid to make pie. My husband repeatedly asked for fruit pies, and I would say, “I’m sorry, it’s too nerve-racking.”

One time, my mother-in-law tried to help me make a pie, and I thought we were going to hit each other over the head with the rolling pin. Which is funny, because she had insisted on purchasing a store-bought crust, which requires no rolling pin.

Eventually, a day came when no one was asking for pie. I found some stale Crisco in my pantry and made a pie, which my husband thought was excellent, even after I told him I made the pie with stale Crisco.

I made a dozen pies in the next two months. (I bought some fresh Crisco.)  Eventually, my husband asked me to lay off on the pie-making for a little while.

Ah, rubberbanding.

Life is like pie dough: it can remain dormant, it can be stretched, it can even be completed using a stale ingredient, and still taste pretty sweet.

BEFORE BAKING (strawberry/rhubarb pie I made last Sunday)

BEFORE BAKING (strawberry/rhubarb pie I made last Sunday)



AFTER BAKING (420 degrees until nicely browned)



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2 Responses to Pie Anxiety

  1. Shari says:

    Joanna, my dear, what is stale Crisco? I thought that Crisco, like Twinkies and Cockroaches, could outlive nuclear war and still be alive and kicking.

    You can bake me a pie any day (except I’m trying not to eat sugar!).

    • I had to Google this to make sure I was not insane. (I still don’t have solid proof)

      Crisco does have a shelf life. If you open it, it will go bad after a year or so. It probably won’t make you sick, it just looks and tastes a little “off “. Meaning, light brown color instead of white, a little bit firmer than usual, and a taste that some people apparently don’t mind!!

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