Pics From Jalisco Comedy Open Mic

***This Open Mic is ON HIATUS for at least the summer! Always call before you haul!***

Jalisco Mexican Grill & Cantina’s Comedy Open Mic! FREE! 2X a MONTH!

103 New London Turnpike, Glastonbury, CT

~~~~ Next Show is Tuesday, June 16th  ~~~~

Hosted by Joanna Rapoza

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month

Showtime 9:30pm

~ No cover/minimums! ~ Some adult content ~ Signup at 9pm ~ Comics get 6 minutes ~

Phillip Anthony on 4.7.15

Phillip Anthony on 4.7.15, “wearing the hat”!

Artie Rob on 4.21.15

Artie Rob on 4.21.15

comix barakat night 1

Eric Barakat on 2.17.15

comix borrass best

Phillip Anthony on 4.21.15

comix cyr 1

Rich “The Claw” Cyr on 6.2.15

comix cyr 2

Rich “The Claw” Cyr on 6.2.15 waiving his non-claw

comix Jo snowstorm

Photo credit to John Shea. Made me look like I was eating the mic. Thanks John. Ice Storm Show, March 3rd.

comix macdonald

Scott MacDonald on 4.7.15

comix mikita

Stosh Mikita on 4.21.15

comix orpheus 2 snowstorm

Rich Orpheus, the night of the Ice Storm 3.3.15

comix orpheus snowstorm

Rich Orpheus on 3.3.15

comix santos

Rob Santos on 4.21.15

comix shea 2 snowstorm

John Shea during the Ice Storm 3.3.15

comix Shea snow storm

“Sorry bout the notes, I’ve just been workin on these new jokes for about three years” – John Shea

comix shustock

Mike Shustock on 4.21.15

comix smith

Brandon Smith during the Mohawk Years, 4.21.15


Jalisco has delicious and authentic and well-priced food!!!! Come and try it.


This was a launch gift given to me by an anonymous woman who has yet to come to a show (that I know of)

Jo in bar with Sean night 1

In the bar after the first show with some guy named Sean

Jo w group in bar night 1

There are racier pictures, but I’m not publishing them

Jo w Julian in bar night 1

Owner Julian Rodrigues and I after the first show.

Lose Weight Sign

Get your butt down here soon!

margarita pouring

They have regular as well as special FRESH SQUEEZED margaritas.

salted margarita

I’ll take mine without salt, thanx


A great restaurant and a fun night out!

Be There ~~ Olé, Ha!

Be There ~~ Olé, Ha!

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I've gone to (100's of) pieces here in my blogs. Read, enjoy, laugh, cure insomnia; it's your choice.
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