Because That’s How We Roll: Survivors of Homicide’s 6th Annual “Roly’s Run” (Saturday, 9.20.15, Torrington CT)

Yesterday was the 5th Annual Survivors of Homicide’s charity golf tournament, which took place at Avon’s Blue Fox Run. I was honored to be asked to emcee the awards banquet for this fine fundraising event.

SOH golf tourney program 7.25.15 001

I could not have met a kinder, more life-embracing group of people, and I was honored to be invited back to speak at next year’s ceremonies, which will also likely be the last Saturday in July (of 2016).

Many of the holes had memorials for lost loved ones.

Many of the holes had memorials for lost loved ones.

I would like to mention in particular SOH event organizers Art Jensen and Jessica Pizzano, who ran a hugely fun and successful tournament and banquet. Thank you for including me, and I greatly look forward to future events.

soh golf tourney organizers 7.25.15

I met so many lovely people yesterday, but among them was a great lady named Rose Lagasse. She lost her son in 2008. The 6th Annual “Roly’s Run” takes place on Saturday, September 20th, in Torrington, and honors Roland Lagasse’s memory, as well as raises funds for SOH.

Roly's Run flyer 001

Please consider taking your chopper out of the shed and/or passing the word to your fellow motorcycle enthusiasts about this event. I guarantee if you participate, you’ll feel great, and make new friends. For Life.

the keeper

For more information about Survivors of Homicide, please visit their website by clicking HERE.

SOH LOGOsandy hook

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