KBJB Radio Blog: May 25, 2017

FINGERS CROSSED I’ll soon be cohosting a KBJB radio show about Comedy. Check out KBJB’s blog and current programming content:

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everyone KBJB Radio has Great shows & Original Music!!

Hi Everyone…wow has it has been a long time I think right?  This whole month of May has flown by so quickly and I honestly can’t remember what I’ve done all month, LOL!!!!  I know we had a KBJB meeting and we tossed around a few new ideas.  We are working on doing some local comedy shows…because as you all know our Kathy Shaner Johanson (KJ) is a comedian and she is hysterical with her Long Island Comedium routine, hahahaha.  I am starting to type like I text?  It sure does get ingrained in us with all the technology.  Nice to know I can still absorb it.  🙂  We would also like to bring my husband’s bands (yes he plays in two)  closer to home so my local peeps in New Milford, CT. can hear them.   We are working on alot…

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