About Joanna Rapoza / Comedy Calendar

I just came here to buy socks.

I just came here to buy socks.

Welcome! “RangeleyMoose” is a handle loosely based on the name of a beautiful town in western Maine called Rangeley. And, there are moose there. That’s it. It’s that deep. Oh, and the “droppings:” well, that should be self-explanatory. (Those can be fairly deep, too – I am also a stand-up comic, see my upcoming shows below**.)

I also have a novella at another blog, “MySpew” at WordPress – CLICK HERE to view it.

And a sort of semi-literary and respectable kind of blog, “Rise Up And Write”, which you can view by CLICKING HERE.

👇🏼S T U F F   I ‘ M   D O I N G   N O W 👇🏼

🎤 Standup SCHEDULE can always be found in BOTH my profile AND background pictures on FACEBOOK 🎤

All written material and original artwork in my blogs is copyrighted, and should not be used or re-printed without my express permission, which I would likely grant if the requester seemed sincere enough.



(it’s good for your liver)

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